"Bryan and Lola are the most exciting duo in St. Louis. Combining folk, rock, and jazz, their vocal harmonies defy genre and keep audiences coming back for more."

Lola & the Kickbacks

The Old Rock House , 1200 South 7th Street, St. Louis

Lola will be opening for national touring artist, Sam Lewis, and local soul singer, Brian Owens. The Kickbacks will be on stage from 8-8:45pm.

Lola's newest project showcases her unexpectedly powerful voice, her soulful songwriting and her ability to front a full 7-piece band. Drawing inspiration from artists such as Corrine Bailey Rae, John Legend, and Amy Winehouse, Lola and the Kickbacks puts on a high-energy, irresistibly moving, fun show.


Private Event


Private event

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